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BioHPC Cloud:
: Description


BioHPC is a cloud type computational resource configured for biologists. It is targeted for biologists who want to learn Linux operating system, and do bioinformatics data analysis themselves.  To help BioHPC users we organize  workshops to teach various aspects of bioinformatics data analysis.


Servers must be reserved ahead of time using our calendar-based online scheduler and only registered Lab users can make reservations.  You can request an account online. Another option is to host a server with BioHPC, such a server is part of BioHPC and has full access to all resources (storage, software, user management etc.), but the access is limited to the group owning the machine.

For more information please refer to the Lab User Guide or Quick Start Guide, or contact us by e-mail.


There are over 60 servers available for reservations, with various computing capacities ranging from 16GB RAM, 8-core, 1TB HD  servers to 1024GB RAM, 116-core, 12TB HDD servers. Detailed list of hardware configurations is available on our hardware infrastructure page.


BioHPC is a fee-based service system, the users need to purchase compute units in order to make reservations, or pay annual maintenance fee for hosted servers . Here is our current price list.


Each registered Lab user associated with active Lab Credit Account gets 200GB free storage space, any user can purchase additional storage at $98.00 per 1TB per year. The storage spans two high-performance scalable storage clusters: Lustre  and Gluster.


There is a limited number of commercial software available through the floating licenses maintained by the Biotechnology Resource Center (BRC).

The software installed on the workstations is described in detail on our lab software page, here is the list:

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