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NOTE: Any user that does not have a valid Cornell Netid is an external user. Internal Cornell pricing can be only applied to purchases funded from Cornell sources (grants, general Cornell accounts, etc). 


This pricing applies to networked storage hosted on our storage cluster. For more details please look here. Storage used for backups is listed as "1 TB-year backup", please refer to this document for more information.

unitunit cost
unit cost
1 TB-year $98.00 $122.50
1 TB-year backup $98.00 $122.50

Compute units

Compute units can be purchased and credited to lab credit accounts, and then exchanged for computing time on BioHPC rental machines. The length of reservation possible with a particular quantity of compute units will depend on the type of machine; the chart below gives the conversion rates.

generalmedium gen1large gen1medium gen2gpu-equipped gen2large gen2extra large
1 compute unit3.052 hours1.960 hours1.802 hours1.691 hours0.990 hours0.833 hours0.750 hours

Compute units pricing calculator

As described above, a compute unit represents different reservation lengths, depending on the type of machine being reserved. Compute units are available for purchase in several quantities, shown in the chart below. Choose a server type in the drop-down menu to see the length of reservation corresponding to each purchase quantity. The chart also shows the price per hour for chosen machine type, as well as the price per core-hour.
NOTE: Prices per core listed below depend on number of cores in a server (which may vary among machines of the same type; possible values are shown in the Number of cores drop-down menu). It is not possible to reserve individual cores, only the entire machine.

Server type:     Number of cores:     Pricing:

Prices/rates for medium gen2 with 40 cores
This pricing applies to gen2 medium memory generally accessible workstations, i.e. cbsumm21-32 machines (40 cores; 256GB RAM; 8TB HDD).
Compute Unitsreservation timecost
cost per hour
cost per hour per core**
60 101.5 hours $93.00 $0.916 $0.0229
200 338.2 hours $309.00 $0.914 $0.0228
750 1.7 months $927.00 $0.731 $0.0183
4500 10.4 months $4,445.00 $0.584 $0.0146
9000 1.7 years $7,111.00 $0.467 $0.0117
**Prices per core are given for purposes of comparing to other HPC compute platforms. It is not possible to rent BioHPC machines by the core, you must reserve the entire machine.

Membership: general membership
This membership allows you to use continuously the types of machines listed in the table below with some limits. The limits are 'rolling' which means that they have to be met an any given time, but get updated over time. For example if you make the maximum length reservation now, you will be able to extend it by one day tomorrow at the same time.

machinemaximum reservation length (rolling)maximum combined reservation (rolling)annual cost
annual cost
interactive: 4 cores, 24GB RAM1.0 weeks168.01.0 weeks168.0$500.00$625.00
general: 8 cores, 16GB RAM1.0 weeks168.01.0 weeks168.0
medium gen1: 24 cores, 128GB RAM1.0 days24.01.0 days24.0



  You can host your own server with us, it becomes a part of BioHPC Cloud with access to all software and storage, but with usage restricted only to an authorized group.

Unitunit cost
unit cost
installation 0.5U server (one time charge)$629.00$786.25
installation 1U server (one time charge)$807.00$1,008.75
installation 2U server (one time charge)$890.00$1,112.50
installation 4U server (one time charge)$1,055.00$1,318.75
annual maintenance (first server)$1,075.00$1,343.75
annual maintenance (next server)$663.00$828.75


VM Hosting

We can host a VM or Docker for you on one of our shared servers. VM/Docker hosting is restricted to BioHPC users already using other services.

Unitunit cost per month
unit cost per month
2 cores 13GB RAM, up to 200 GB disk$28.00$35.00
3 cores 19GB RAM, up to 300 GB disk$36.00$45.00
4 cores 26GB RAM, up to 400 GB disk$45.00$56.25
5 cores 32GB RAM, up to 500 GB disk$53.00$66.25
6 cores 38GB RAM, up to 600 GB disk$62.00$77.50
7 cores 45GB RAM, up to 700 GB disk$70.00$87.50
8 cores 51GB RAM, up to 800 GB disk$79.00$98.75
9 cores 58GB RAM, up to 900 GB disk$87.00$108.75
10 cores 64GB RAM, up to 1,000 GB disk$96.00$120.00

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