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If you use Cornell "Cisco AnyConnect VPN" to access BioHPC servers, starting from 7/15/2021, it requires two-step login. It uses Cornell University's Duo push system, the same system for Cornell internal web sites and email system. Enter the word "push" in the field "Duo passcode", and use you mobile phone's "Duo" app to approve. Alternative to "push", you can also use "sms" or "phone". For details, see cuvpn page. If you are off campus and do NOT use Cornell "Cisco AnyConnect VPN" to connect to cbsulogin(2,3), you will be prompted to enter BioHPC 2-factor authentication code. Please be aware, BioHPC 2-factor authentication is a separate system from Cornell's Duo push.

posted by qs24 on 7/15/2021 10:39:05 AM

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