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BioHPC Cloud:
: User Guide


Quick Start Guide

  1. Get an account

  2. First, you need to get an account for BioHPC Cloud. Please fill out and submit this Web form stating your affiliation (department or institute at Cornell; for non-Cornell please provide your institution name and you Cornell collaborator affiliation) and Cornell Netid. If you require access to any restricted resources please state so and let us know to which resources and why.
    Your user name will be usually the same as your Cornell Netid, but the password will be different than one associated with Netid. When your account is created you will receive an e-mail with your login information and password. You can change this password after first login, please see the submenu under your account name (rightmost menu tab, submenu "Change password").  
  3. Create Lab Credit Account(s) or get added to an existing one.

  4. You need a credit account to make reservations, you can set up one using "My Credit Accounts" submenu. There are various types of servers available, but any credit account will work with any of them. Click on "New Credit Account", name it and create. If you are a member of a group that already has lab credit accounts you can ask account owner to be added to it. You can also add other users to yours.
  5. Buy or transfer Compute Credits if needed.

  6. You need to purchase compute units unless you have been added to an existing credit account with purchased units. These units can be exchanged for reservation time (more or less depending on machine type; see our Pricing Page). You can buy units by clicking "Add Compute Credits" link in "Action" column on "My Lab Credit Accounts" page. Each Cornell PI is entitled to a free starting credit of 100 units (Contact us to request this credit). You can transfer units between lab credit accounts (bottom of "My Lab Credit Accounts" page).
  7. Reserve workstation(s) 

  8. Once you have appropriate credit account, you can go to "Reservations" page (submenu of both "Computing Lab" and "User:" tabs). Your account will be charged by wall clock hours used (down to appropriate fraction of an hour). Only actually used hours are charged, if you cancel your reservation before it starts nothing is charged, if you cancel before it ends only the actual hours between start and cancel are charged. NOTE: "time used" is defined as the wall clock time elapsed when your reservation is active - it has nothing to do with how much you actually used the CPU/RAM etc during this time. Amount of hours available on a credit account will depend on the machine type, conversion rates are listed on pricing page and on lab credit account management page, the latter also shows how many hours you have available on each server type.
  9. Transfer data, connect and compute

    You can connect to your workstation(s) and transfer data in many ways. A step by step summary is available in this document. Please refer to this document and our user guide for detailed instructions. Remember: you can always transfer data from your home directory without a reservation via cbsulogin machine (full name, only ssh and sftp connections, other login/transfer server are cbsulogin2 and cbsulogin3). Overview of our storage is provided here, for more information on managing our networked storage (storage allocations, reserving extra storage) please refer to Lab storage guide. You can now also use Globus Online to transfer data to/from your home directory, Globus at BioHPC Cloud and Using Globus to Share Data for details.


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