Introduction to BioHPC Cloud  
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 This is a virtual workshop, you can participate by reading workshop materials, watching video presentations and carrying out exercises on an assigned BioHPC Cloud server (server assignments are listed here). If you need help, please sign up for our Office Hours. The server assigned to you for hands-on exercises will be available for a limited time, see server assignment page or bottom of this page for details. Please note, the server is assigned to you for hands-on exercises, NOT heavy computing, using the server for workshop unrelated computing is not allowed and will result in assignment termination.

This workshop is designed to introduce a biologist to work in an interactive Linux environment of our BioHPC Cloud servers. We will first explain how the BioHPC Cloud fits in the broader context of computational facilities offered by Bioinformatics Facility. In particular the topics will include: 
  • Overview of computational infrastructure at Bioinformatics Facility
  • Setting up your BioHPC account
  • Overview of BioHPC Credit Accounts and hours
  • How to reserve and manage time on BioHPC Cloud servers
  • Storage in BioHPC: quotas, storage groups and purchasing extra space 
  • Remote access to the workstations: ssh with text, VNC and X-Windows
  • Transferring data in and out of the BioHPC

The presented material will be illustrated by hands-on exercises hosted on dedicated servers of the BioHPC Cloud. The serverswill be accessed using the Secure SHell (ssh) protocol.  For links to client software, instructions, and more information on access to BioHPC machines, please refer to the following document: You may want to install the software in advance to streamline your workshop participation.

Workshop slides

Workshop presentation 1
Workshop presentation 2

Workshop server assignment


Server assignment length 5 days  
Website credentials: login  Web Accessibility Help