R and Rstudio  
10/25/21 3:00PM - 4:30PM Zoom

This workshop does NOT teach you how to do statistics with R. For that purpose, you can take workshops offered by CSCU. Instead, this workshop covers how to effectively use R-packages and run R script on a Linux computer, and how to run Rstudio on a shared Linux server. With rapid development of new versions of R, managing R packages is becoming increasingly more difficult, different versions of R and R-packages are quite often not compatible with each other. In this workshop, we will go through the basics how R manages its libraries, both the personal libraries and shared R libraries. We will provide some practical tips of working with R. We will also cover how to use Rstudio on the BioHPC system. As it is difficult for the system admin to keep R and Bioconductor up to date, we will introduce how to run different versions of R through Docker images developed by the Rocker project.  Each workshop participant will be assigned a Linux computer to do exercises.

Machine allocation.

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Speaker: Qi Sun  
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