Storage and Data Management at BioHPC  
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This is a virtual workshop, you can participate by reading workshop materials, watching video presentations and carrying out exercises on an assigned BioHPC Cloud server. If you need help, please sign up for our Office Hours. The server assigned to you for hands-on exercises will be available for a limited time, see server assignment page or bottom of this page for details. Please note, the server is assigned to you for hands-on exercises, NOT heavy computing, using the server for workshop unrelated computing is not allowed and will result in assignment termination.

This workshop will be devoted to various aspects of managing your data on BioHPC. We will discuss different kinds of storage offered and what each kind is and isn't good for. The principles of managing access to data in Linux exnvironment will be summarized, followed by advice on how to organize files and directories for easy sharing by membes of a group. Mechanisms of data sharing with co-workers outside of a group or outside Cornell will also be discussed. Last but not least, we will stress the necessity of backing up all your important data and dwelve into a few options for doing so. 

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