RNA-seq Data Analysis  
November 2 - 18 2020

This workshop focuses on RNA-seq data analysis. The three-week workshop will cover RNA-seq read alignment, quality control, gene expression quantification, the statistics of RNA-seq data analysis, and gene function/pathway enrichment analysis. Each workshop participant will be assigned to a Linux server, and will have three weeks to finish several data analysis projects. (Qi Sun, Jeff Glaubitz)

Recordings from this workshop are available online (restricted to workshop participants only).

Machine allocation.

Workshop Outline  
Session 1 Nov 2 2020 3:30PM - 5:00PM Zoom
Introduction to RNA-seq, sequence read alignment, expression quantification and data QC.
Session 2 Nov 4 2020 3:30PM - 5:00PM Zoom
Hands-on session
Session 3 Nov 9 2020 3:30PM - 5:00PM Zoom
Statistics of RNA-seq data analysis.
Session 4 Nov 11 2020 3:30PM - 5:00PM Zoom
Hands-on session
Session 5 Nov 16 2020 3:30PM - 5:00PM Zoom
Gene function annotation and gene functional enrichment analysis.
Session 6 Nov 18 2020 3:30PM - 5:00PM Zoom
Hands-on session
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